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6 things to know about descending

Start with a neutral position ; hands in the arc of the drops (not on the flat ends) with index and middle fingers on the

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When should I be riding in the drops

Any time you need greater control  of your bike. With your hads in the drops of the handlebar, you put more weight on your front

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How do I know when it’s time to shift gears

Your bike’s geards are designed to help you keep a consitent cadence , allowing you to pedal at maximum efficiency. Rifing conditions such as wind

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Climbing : Best practices

Loosen you upper body Your entire upper body should ne relaxed so you don’t waste energy. A good marker for those torso is slightly flared

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Pick the right tire

  To make sure the rubber meets the road, chosse the tire that best fits the conditions in which you’ll be riding. Rain riding The

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Everything but the bike

The pleasure payback from you gear investment can vary widely.With some items, spending a little more yields tremnedous increases in speed and comfort., while in

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